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Random numbers are a raw datacenter resource just as network bandwidth, data storage or processing power. Random numbers are the fundamental ingredient behind all cryptographic applications and protocols used to secure data in transit, data at rest, and operating systems. Until now random number generating solutions were either unsafe or unscalable. At 4Gbps, SQR Technologies has developed the first Centralized, Ultra-Fast, Quantum Random Number Generator. SQR's solution can be tailored for the needs of any datacenter infrastructure whether in terms of scalability and cost of ownership. The ease of deployment, management, and scaling render SQR's centralized solution the simplest solution solving the lack of randomness problem. With its patent-pending technologies, SQR's solution guarantees the fastest and safest method to keep your datacenter infrastructure filled with genuine random numbers.

Key Features and Benefits

True Quantum Randomness

Random numbers originate from a quantum feature of a laser light beam.

Centralized Architecture

One single appliance can distribute random numbers to up to 4096 devices simultaneously.

Fault Monitoring.

Random output stream continuously checked for default using FIPS 140-2 randomness test suite.

High Availability

Guarantees the continuity of the service by enabling Active-Active or Active- Passive fail-over modes.


Increased Security.

Provides quantum grade random numbers for the security applications of all your devices.

Cost Efficiency

Low CAPEX per server, and low OPEX in maintenance and management.

Ultimate Scalability

Quickly and easily deploy a new appliance when your need for random numbers increases.

Easy Integration

Transparent to running applications. Immediate fallback to the default RNG solution when necessary.

Our Vision

SQR Technologies is revolutionizing the security of datacenters and networks by developing its proprietary brand of solutions and hardware appliances based on the laws of quantum physics.

New IT trends lead to new security challenges. In particular, cost and performance constraints are pushing datacenters towards virtualization while laying the foundations for cloud computing. In this context, it has become increasingly difficult for the devices of modern datacenters to generate sufficient and strong random numbers for their security applications. Servers, routers, switches all suffer from this lack of random numbers, thereby placing the security infrastructure of the datacenter at risk.

With its Centralized, Ultra-Fast, Quantum Random Number Generator, SQR Technologies has developed the first scalable solution that can provide sufficient and strong random numbers for the security needs of an entire datacenter. Thanks to its unique quantum technology, the solution of SQR Technologies is the only one combining security, speed and scalability.

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SQR Technologies is nominated for the 2014 European Privacy & Cyber Security Innovation Awards held in Brussels, Belgium.

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